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Saison 2016-2017 (Septembre 2016 – )



6 Juillet 2017  – Séminaire n°59 Studying a 40 Tb/s data acquisition system for the LHCb experiment

Présentation par: Sebastien Valat, Fellow au CERN

Salle Paul Gauguin, Ter@tec, 11h – durée: 25min.


For the 2019-2020 upgrade, the CERN LHCb experiment decided to build a data acquisition system running without any hardware triggers. This mean reading all the data generated by the detector for every collisions and transport them to the software trigger composed of around 1000-2000 nodes. This will increase the physics quality of the data filtering but leads to the requirement for building a system capable of handling 40 Tb/s as data input. To this end, we are currently studying the available high-speed network coming for the HPC field. It concerns InfiniBand, OmniPath and 100g Ethernet. As those networks offers 100 Gb/s capability the final system for making the data aggregation needs to be scaled to around 500 nodes. This is the part we will discuss in this presentation. The communication pattern we need to handle is close to a continuous all-to-all or many gather which is not kind for the network. I will present the results we obtained with our application on existing HPC sites.


Sebastien Valat started his training with a Master degree in particle physics making his internships on the OPERA and LHCb detectors for decay channel reconstruction and analysis. He continued his studies with a second master in computer science. It leaded to a PhD. on memory management in HPC context at CEA while working inside the MPC project. He then made a one year post-doc at the Exascale computing lab working on a memory profiling tool (MALT). He is now a Fellow at CERN since two years working on the future data acquisition system for the LHCb detector.

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